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CranioSacral Therapy(CST) Reviews

"Raquel started seeing our son when he was two months old. Since birth he was a very sensitive and tense baby. After getting his tongue tie revision he became inconsolable. After he saw Raquel his whole demeanor changed and he slept the best he had slept since he had been born. After few CranioSacral therapy sessions he did not needed a lip tie revision.He is now a happy, loving, thriving baby. Before CST he would not even let me hug him he was so tense. CranioSacral Therapy has changed our families lives. If I had known what I know now I would have brought him to Raquel since birth. I can not recommend Raquel enough. Thank you! K.G. Parks, AZ


" Raquel, through your beautiful presence and CST you provide to our daughter Odette, she has been able to handle the side-effects of chemotherapy. The restful, sacred sessions have helped Odette with digestion and constipation as well, as bringing an awareness to her spine and the muscles that support it. We have seen her become comfortable and strong in her body as she heals from surgery, and becomes more mobile. You also encourage me to realize and welcome her strong healing energy as her journey continues, and that has been invaluable to me" A.W. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel is extraordinary gifted ; as a body worked and physical therapy student , I am quite picky. I was so relieved to find her and receive such important work from her. She has helped me through difficult times both physically and emotionally. I very highly encourage everyone I know to experience CST from Raquel" C.S. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" My daughter was born with a posterior tongue tie and upper lip tie. In the first 3 days of her life she lost more than 10% of her body weight, and was unable to properly latch or transfer milk at the breast. She underwent her first laser revision at 6 days old and after 8 weeks using a supplemental nursing system and exclusive pumping, she had a second revision of her tongue but she was still not able to breastfeed. We did one session with Raquel and that day Lily latched and transferred some milk! A few days later, she no longer needed the SNS at all and has been a happy healthy baby! Thank you for your help Raquel!! E.B.( Flagstaff)


" I received CST through my pregnancy and labor. I felt that it allowed me to deeply connect with baby growing inside of me in a way that I would not been able to otherwise. CST was very relaxing and improved my physical comfort. This comfort extended through the duration of my birth experience. I had to be induced and my contractions were very strong. Raquel was beside me through my labor performing CST. My birthing experience ended up being very calm and as relaxing as labor can be. Without the physical and mental support Raquel offered to me through CST, I know my birthing experience will not have been as great as it was. " A.B. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel provides incredible effective and therapeutic CST work. She is well trained, nurturing, gentle, knowledgeable and intuitive. As a massage therapist, I have seen her for stress relief, restoration, and regaining balance. I also saw her throughout my pregnancy for relaxation and preparation for labor and motherhood. Now she does CST on my son and he loves it. I even sent my mother-in-law to her and she said: "wow! that was better therapy than my psychiatrist." Raquel is, in my opinion, the most experienced and highly trained CST in Flagstaff and I would highly recommend her to anyone." B.L.  ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel, I have so much gratitude for you and how generously you have helped me heal. Thank you for showing up with such integrity and genuine care in the work you do." R.E. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


 " Raquel, I can't tell how much your postpartum visit meant to me. Your presence was so gentle and I felt you brought an understanding of this sacred time with you and helped fill our space with a sweet energy that has continued to resonate throughout the day" J.S. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel, I awoke with such clarity today-after yesterday's session. You are a send gift and a talent. With gratitude." K. C. (Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel, every session with you guides me in just the right ways. I appreciate your time and energy and your willingness to work with me finnancially." J. B. (Flagstaff, AZ)


" I have had CST therapy sessions with others, but none compares to Raquel's. Clarity, is one of the many rewards of a session with Raquel. On a physical level, pain is gone, I am revitalized, and I feel a wonderful new energy coursing through my body. I have also experienced one of her workshops-a combination of Vision Board, Feng Shui and Aura Soma- a truly magical experience. Raquel is an exceptional, wonderful gift." K.C. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel is a wonderful CST and massage therapist. Her touch is gentle, intuitive and wise. I believe that CST with Raquel helped me to conceive after over a year of trying. Regular sessions helped me to stay grounded and healthy throughout my pregnancy and postpartum recovery. She also does CST for newborns, which was a blessing for my son, who was born with a tongue-tie. He had to have several procedures-and after each one Raquel helped him to heal and release tension from his body. It was amazing to watch his response to Raquel's gentle touch. I can't recommend her highly enough!" A.H. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


"Raquel has a special way of holding space that makes it very safe and open for me to drop in and work deeply with myself. In my opinion she is the best CST in Flagstaff and we are lucky to have her here. I have past physical neck/whiplash injuries and ongoing throat chakra/ expression practices. I've received massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, reiki, acupuncture, etc.  Raquel's broad experience comes through in whatever realm needed in a session; from moving and balancing energy, guiding through moments of deep vulnerable release, and making soft yet undeniably helpful physical adjustments to my neck. Wow, thank you, Raquel." A.H. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


"Being that I am a nurse, I understand wellness as well as illness thoroughly. CST helped me in a very hard time of my life. I started treatment shortly after I a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Through Raquel's treatments and understanding light and love, I was able to get back in track. I am proud to say that my MS does not impact me at all and I am able to give back to all my patients and their families. Thank you, Raquel."  A.V. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


"After searching around town for a therapist that specializes in craniosacral therapy, I found Raquel online. Whe we spoke on the phone , we clicked immediately. I love going to see her because the therapy targets the body as well as the mind. We've worked through some very difficult issues and she's been gracious, caring and genuine throughout the healing through the layers. Another important aspect is that Raquel delivers results! I am forever grateful to her." H.M. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" After my miscarriage, not only I was experiencing a deep grief for the baby I lost, but I also felt stuck in my healing process because I was pregnant and then I was not pregnant. The cycle was not complete. Raquel helped me move through and complete the cycle so that I could begin to let go and heal. I left my CST session feeling lighter in my body. I would highly recommend anyone going through a miscarriage to see Raquel, as she was instrumental to my healing journey." J.W. (Flagstaff, AZ)


" Highly recommend Raquel for those who respond well to subtle body/energy work. The session prove to be nurturing on many levels. She also worked on my 7 years old step son and he enjoyed it. " M. S. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel's CST have been a life changing for me. Her loving and supportive approach helps me move through challenges, and find a new perspective on life. She is a wealth of knowledge both as a CST and as a Feng Shui Consultant." P.W. (Flagstaff, AZ)


" Raquel, I wanted to tell you how transformed I am. Coming home and interacting with family and friends... I feel so different; lighter, more grounded, with  a deeper sense of faith and just totally able to handle my stress. Thank you so much for helping me get here. I am so grateful for the last few moths of working with you." C.S. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" Starting CST with Raquel was a life changing for me. As my needs have changed over the past couple of years, she still meets every one of them. Every session is different and helps bring me the release and relaxation I need, and gives me new perspective. Raquel is so skilled and talented, she has helped me work through many different transitions in my recent life to find my balance again. I constantly sing her praises, you wont find anyone else like Raquel." L.W. ( Phoenix, AZ)


" Over the course of 5 weeks Bentley and I attended CST sessions. After the 1rst session I noticed that he was a lot calmer and was able to sleep better.  By our last session Bentley was smiling more and a different baby. Raquel was instrumental in helping us both relieve our anxiety and have a pleasant baby experience." A.C. (Flagstaff, AZ)


Feng Shui / Aura Soma and Workshops Reviews:

" Two days after implementing Raquel's recommendations a business deal that had been hanging in the balance for many months finally came to fruition and a new one materialize also! It was amazing! Our very serious and very scary financial problems of 5 months were over; it had been so severe we actually borrowed her money to come take a look! Raquel not only unblocked our career spot, but also our prosperity and other spots too. We are ever grate full and will highly recommend Raquel's services. " L.B. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" I have been working with the Aura-Soma bottles for 2 years. I initially thought I would try it once, however it is truly uncanny the power those bottles pack. It would be easy to say that Aura Soma compliments an overall change, however it is more accurate to say that it motivates and initiates change in a subtle supportive way."  K. J. ( Flagstaff, AZ)


" In 2002 when my husband and I decided to build our next home, I was fortunate to find Raquel. I wanted my home built with plans designed with Feng Shui. I had 10 year old triplets and wanted harmony in our home. Raquel was able to work with our contractor and made significant changes in our floor plan. Once the house was completed she was very instrumental in helping choosing wall colors. She also assisted in purchasing furniture and arrangement. My husband and I are extremely grateful for the excellent work she did aligning our home with Feng Shui principles. Every time we have anyone visiting or doing home improvements we are told how peaceful and comfy our home feels. Even people walking past our home comment on the feeling of calm. I would highly recommend anyone that want to have harmony in their home to contact Raquel. She  is the best! R.H. (Flagstaff, AZ

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